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My San Francisco chickens started producing eggs

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I got my first eggs from my urban homestead chickens yesterday!

The eggs are smaller than I’ve ever seen in a store, but they look pretty good for their first attempt. I was shocked to find two on the same day, since I think that means two chickens each laid an egg. I’ve read chickens rarely lay more than one egg per day. That’s why I suspect two chickens chose the same day to begin production.

I have four chickens altogether, but I fear one is a rooster and will soon have to go live with my friend Fara Otterbeck who owns a farm in Napa, California USA and is in need of a rooster, thank goodness. Roosters aren’t allowed in San Francisco. I don’t know for certain if I have a rooster because he hasn’t started crowing yet.

Each chicken has eaten about 50 pounds of food since birth. Organic chicken feed costs USD $20 per 50 pound bag provided you buy it at a feed store and not a pet store.

I have a feeling these eggs are going to be costly like the ones I buy for USD $8.50 a dozen at Rainbow Grocery, but that’s alright. I love having chickens here, and they make me happy.

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August 12th, 2011 at 5:00 am

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  1. The overall cost of your chickens can be mitigated if you take a few things into consideration. Chickens can be easily used to control pests in your yard. They can be fed weeds, food scraps and left overs. They can also be used to mow grass if you contain them in small areas of a lawn. Your chickens can be completely feed free if you don’t mind them ripping up your landscaping or you design with chickens in mind.


    12 Aug 11 at 10:28 am

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