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Raising catfish in a barrel

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Catfish (photo by Fickr user WallTea)

Catfish (photo by Fickr user WallTea)

Today I released 25 two inch long Brown Bullhead Catfish into my aquaponics system fish tank.

I bought these fish from a licensed aquaculture dealer I identified on the California Department of Fish and Game department website. The dealer recommended these catfish over other types of catfish because he said they grow better in aquaponics systems and are very hardy. Since I’ve lost all my full size catfish I bought at the supermarket, I needed to try something different.

While researching raising catfish, I discovered this 1973 article by Philip and Joyce Mahan about how to raise catfish in oil barrels. I would be scared to use an oil barrel since I’d be worried about contamination, but the article does impart useful information, including how to raise worms to use at catfish food.

Cross your fingers that my 25 new ‘roommates’ have a long and happy life!

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July 28th, 2011 at 1:29 pm

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