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Noisebridge anniversary party

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I went to the Noisebridge first anniversary party last night, October 2nd. Noisebridge is a so-called hacker space. There probably were 200 people there last night. The vibe was very good, and I really enjoyed myself. I talked to the people I recognized from my first visit to Noisebridge the day before, including Ruben, Josh and Veronica. I also met Bill and several more people whose names escape me.

I have to admit I was a bit of a geek, as I brought my camera and took some stills and video of the event. I walked through the space with the video camera to show the variety of people and exhibits. They lights were dimmed and there was a DJ with video projectors. The raw warehouse space came alive, and were it a nightclub, it would have been acceptable.

This place has so much potential, and I’m even more excited about Noisebridge than I am about Hacker Dojo, another hacker space I’m already a member of in Mountain View, California. What I find more compelling about Noisebridge is its location, right in the center of the action on Mission Street, which is the main drag in San Francisco’s primary latino neighborhood. The Mission is just such a vibrant and compelling place to put a hacker space. There are dozens of restaurants and bars within walking distance. The public transportation is fantastic. Both the San Francisco Municipal Transit system busses and the Bay Area Rapid Transit trains stop within two blocks of Noisebridge. One can thus get to Noisebridge from anywhere by flying into San Francisco International Airport and hopping on a Bart train, which will drop them off a block and a half from the front door.

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October 3rd, 2009 at 2:13 pm

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