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New Year’s Day on the Bicentential of the United States of America

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Diamonds Are Forever movie poster

Diamonds Are Forever movie poster, from

[This entry is from my 1976 diary. On August 19, 2012 I posted this to my blog after I added the bracketed language, the photograph and the hyperlinks. I was in 7th grade when I wrote this journal entry. I typed this post as I wrote it, including the mistakes, so you can see how I wrote back then. The first name of the Mr. Bond I mention in this post is James. At the time, he was about 55 years old. I used to play with his daughter Sarah. My father Robert Warnock used to go to Jazz music concerts with Bond. Once when Mr. Bond was hospitalized, my father called the hospital to check up on his friend. When the hospital heard my father ask to speak with James Bond, the hospital staff hung up on my father, thinking he was making a crank phone call. I think my father’s friend later went by Jim to avoid situations like this one. The James Bond movies were wildly popular. I saw my first James Bond movie in London in 1972 — Diamonds Are Forever. I still remember how in the movie the secret launch codes were stored on a Compact Cassette. Until I wrote this post, I had thought these cassettes were officially named ‘audio cassettes,’ but, according to WikiPediA, the official name is Compact Cassette. I now suspect that’s why Compact Discs were so named.]

I got up at 11:00 today and woke Andy up by telling him it was almost lunch time.

Last night I listend to the top 89 rock hits on WLS music radio. (AM) It started at 6:00 pm. till Midnight.

At about quarter to 12:00 Last night Mom called me up from Mr. [James] Bonds house and asked Andy and I if we wanted to come over and celebrate the new year. So we went over and had some cake and Mr. Bond gave Andy and I a glass of Champagne and we didn’t like it.

Dad put a headphone jack on Andy radio and added a new speaker.

Dad also cut out some pices of wood to make a box for my stereo amp.

Written by Kevin Warnock

January 1st, 1976 at 11:00 pm